thechippedmanicureBorn and raised in the midwest, this worker bee is constantly finding a new project to tackle! Stacey grew up spending weekends helping her family maintain an acreage with horses and Texas Longhorn cattle. From a young age her family taught that hard work results in great things! She and her sisters helped her parents turn a cornfield into a home by helping plant grass, trees, install fences, build a barn, and they were responsible for duties including driving tractors and farm equipment to mow, bale and transport hay, trailering and caring for horses, and more.

As an adult, newly divorced with no financial support, she relocated from the west coast to a small Nebraska town of 830 people. She started over from scratch, working three jobs for 6 months straight to scrape together the down payment needed when she purchased a home in foreclosure. Because she had time, and not money, she  personally demolished lath plaster and removed broken cabinetry and fixtures, drove a tractor to lift and dump debris into rented dumpsters, redesigned the floorpan to include raised ceilings, installed insulation, replaced gutters, graded soil, did basic electrical wiring and fixture installation, garage door repair, plumbing, tile and grout, and repaired and refinished her own floors with help from her father. She salvaged doors, hardware, and decor elements from other homes about to be demolished, learned how to interview and negotiate with contractors, how to plan projects wisely to save money and utilize rebate programs, and the gratification of a job well done! It took four years, but with the help of her brother in law Ryan and her father to lend their expertise, she made her dream farm house a reality, full of charm and comfort.

It is probably unexpected that a former Miss USA contestant would be the type to roll up her sleeves and risk a chipped manicure, however this former beauty queen has swapped secrets backstage and learned a few tricks when it comes to health and beauty, too! After Miss USA and a few months of modeling, she combined her BSBA with her love of the beauty industry having worked in sales and management for top dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the Orange County, CA market.

Because of the Pinterest fail culture, Stacey felt that many advice column or blogs are too complex and intimidating for the average (like her!) person, and wanted to share simplified, practical ideas and techniques that are realistic and can be done even with a toddler attached to your leg!

Not one to relax, Stacey enjoys the outdoors and misses running country roads and walking along the Elkhorn river.  Remarried, in her SoCal life she is learning different gardening methods (for year round climates!) and how to make changes to keep her family healthy! She enjoys taking on projects for her two year old daughter and home decor, gardening, landscaping, and minor repairs as she settles into her new house, which you’ll find detailed here!